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1000 Beasts unveils picturesque second album ‘Burning Flower’

One of the most prolific producers to emerge from Cork in recent times, 1000 Beasts is a project of collaboration, one producer, writing with a vast and multi-talented array of artists. After debuting in 2017, it was 2022’s album ‘Naruda’ that first saw the artist make a splash in the industry. The project saw multi-million streaming figures and established 1000 Beasts as someone with abilities that transcended the boundaries of indie, soul and electronic music.

This year marks the release of the second album from 1000 Beasts, ‘Burning Flower’. Once again, listeners witness a production masterclass, as sleek rhythms, soulful performances and gorgeous atmospheres are arranged to balance infectious and adventurous. Recent fan-favourites ‘Cherry Delight’ and ‘Tranquilo’, featuring Tomike and Paco Versailles respectively, make a feature, alongside a slew of other recent singles and plenty of new tracks for fans to enjoy. Blurring the lines between genres whilst remaining distinctive and picturesque, ‘Burning Flower’ is a superb listen.

1000 Beasts dives into the album, ”The Burning Flower album came together immediately after the release of Naruda. Honestly, I was so immersed in the crafting process of Naruda that I just kept making music without pause. It wasn’t a conscious effort; one day, I turned around and realised I had another album’s worth of material ready to go, and that’s how I ended up here.

The lockdown changed the way music could be made. Much of the 1000 Beasts process is now collaborative and remote. I can create a beat and send it to an artist whom I think it might suit, even if I’ve never met them before. We can then exchange ideas back and forth over email, and something beautiful can be born. It’s a very liberating and fun process.

I have to thank my collaborators; without them, none of these tracks would be half of what they are. It’s the most inspiring part of the process when you send an instrumental to someone, and they come back with a topline that I couldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams.

The focus track for the album is an instrumental called “They Called Her Something.” It might just be the oldest track on the album; I made it as part of the Naruda process. I was trying to find the right vocal for it for ages, but eventually, I realised that the instrumental itself is so strong that a vocal doesn’t really fit over it. It’s probably my favourite track on the record, and even though it’s a little different, they always say make music you like, not what you think people will like..”