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11th Story release passionate anthem ‘Lady Liberty’

11th Story want to empower listeners to question our society and the way we live on their latest offering ‘Lady Liberty.’ It’s clear to see 11th Story are passionate about social issues, as the words and subject matter flowed subconsciously out of writer Lora’s mind.

The music is a cinematic experience, with the instrumentation adding an ambient feel but the drums providing a strong rhythmic backbone that keeps the track tight. This works hand in glove with Lora’s vocals that are laced with emotion, and hit the listener instantly. They definitely seem to have found a formula that allows them to sound their own.

Discussing the new track, 11th Story shares: “This song aims to evoke a sense of reflection, realisation and loss that calls into question American exceptionalism and its leadership in shaping the world vision. Stay true to yourself in the face of disempowering forces.”

As 11th Story, they continue to produce fresh, genre-fluid music alongside their documentary film making projects. Their latest EP, ‘Revelation’, is a series of quirky songs infused with curiosity about the nature of mind, social justice and antiquity. Their civil rights documentary “FIghting Priest: The story of Father James Groppi” is currently in production. With so much in the works, we can’t wait to see where their career gets to.

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