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New Music Releases & Reviews

George Croucher releases emotionally-penned single ‘Never Really Gone’

Singer and instrumentalist George Croucher released his seminal album ‘Notes About You’ in 2022, the project coming after he returned to his Bournemouth home town after completing his Hertfordshire songwriting degree. Now, after laying the foundations for his melodic stories of love and loss, George returns with a new single ‘Never Really Gone’. The artist …

New Music Releases & Reviews

Sorrell release the intricate ‘For Once’

Comprised of vocalist and guitarist Dylan Lee, fellow guitarist Sebastian Zamfirescu, bassist Noel Walker-O’Down and drummer Robin Smith, Leicester-based band Sorrell combine psychedelic pop and post-punk grit for a unique and bewitching sound. Energetic D.I.Y live shows, praise from BBC Introducing and a spot at Leicester’s Handmade Festival has shown their ability to make waves …

New Music Releases & Reviews

Devin Sunshine releases fierce album ‘Everything Melts In The End’

Orange County-based rapper and singer Devin Sunshine has developed a unique sound that is helping her carve a path in the industry. The artist is technically classed as alternative pop-rap, but her eclectic, genre blending approach to music expands far beyond this as she takes influence from hip-hop and pop-punk Devin Sunshines new album ‘Everything …