ADONI releases dynamic new offering ‘The Storm’

Italian-Greek artist ADONI has shared his newest record ‘The Storm’, delivering a plethora of indie-pop, americana and folk sounds. Building to a climactic chorus, the warm track encompasses shimmering synths and uplifting strings, all topped with ADONI’s soothing vocal performance.

ADONI shares: I wrote this song inspired by the many emotions that the sea always gives me. I’m talking about a true and daily love, of those loves that break your heart when they finish. But also of all those beautiful emotions and ‘reactions’ that a new beginning can give.”

Growing up with an Italian father and a Greek mother, ADONI’s multi-ethnic environment inspired his entire artistic career until his debut in 2011, with the ‘Flying Icarus’ project. Since then he has played for many musical projects including ‘iRuna’, ‘Mon-key’ and the ‘Flowing Chords’ and debuted as an independent songwriter in the ‘So It Is’ project. Now back with arguably his best offering yet, ADONI has shown he is force to be reckoned with.

ADONI’s authentic and heartfelt music is worthy of all your attention, take a listen to his newest single below:

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