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Alexa Kishner – ‘Still Yours’

Earlier this month, rising artist Alexa Kishner came back with her first release of the year – her enchanting brand new single Still Yours.

Hailing from New York, last week, 22 year old rising singer-songwriter Alexa Kishner dropped her latest ethereal offering with her brand new track, Still Yours. Beginning her musical journey at an early age – singing from the age of three and starting writing at twelve -she has already began to garner a mass amount of support and listeners worldwide. With a catalogue already filled with hundreds of songs and over 130K streams on Spotify alone, it’s clear this is only the very beginning of an illustrious career for this enthralling young artist.

Released after the success of her previous single Hopelessly; Still Yours, opens with a delicate and gracefully subtle piano line that runs throughout. Alongside the soft instrumental, Alexa’s airy and emotive vocals captivate the listener from the very beginning. As the instrumentation slowly builds, the vibrant soundscape fills with intricate synths; and the emotionally driven lyricism, and raw honest narrative, shines through. A powerful and affirming power-pop style ballad, the song brings you further into Alexa’s mesmerizing sonic world with a mass of charming and enchanting melodies.

Talking about the new single and the meaning behind it, Alexa explains:

“”Still Yours” paints the picture of a past relationship that you think you’re over until your subconscious uncontrollably leaves you dreaming about that someone who used to be a huge part of your life. I think it’s okay to be over someone and still think about the impact they’ve had on you.”

A truly captivating new release, Alexa is solidifying her place as a dazzling up-and-coming modern pop artist to watch. To keep up with her rising artistic journey, and all her latest music news; find her on all her socials:


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