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Alt Bloom – Alt Bloom X Creator Sessions

After having an incredible 2020 and 2021; earlier this month, singer-songwriter Ethan Thompson, aka Alt Bloom, gave us a look into the person behind the artist, as well as some insights into some classic Alt Bloom tracks, as he teamed up with Creator Sessions to give a live performance of some fan favourite Alt Bloom hits. A biweekly series presented by ConvertKit, Creator Sessions aim to inspire and educate creators, cultivate a creative community, and promote a wide array of talent; releasing a number of intimate performances from a variety of talented musicians, with some previous sessions including artists such as Mandy Moore and Lennon Stella. 

Set against a picturesque landscape backdrop on a rooftop in the hills, surrounded by nature and blue skies; in the 30 minute long session, Thompson talks about everything from how the great outdoors plays a large role in his creative process, to his move to Los Angeles and even the origin of his artist name Alt Boom. In amongst this, we see Thompson perform some of his recent hit singles such as Fly Away and High Sometimes and even a classic throwback track, October Eyeswhile touching on the meanings and creative processes behind the songs. Laid back and effortlessly cool, Alt Bloom’s Creator session is certainly not one to be missed. 

“…most of my music videos, I think all of them have been shot outside–it’s something that brings me peace.”

– Alt Bloom

A fantastic look into the mind and creative world of an incredible artist, Alt Bloom continues to showcase why he is one to watch and brings listeners and fans a little deeper into his artistic world, while giving us a taste of what live performances may hold. For more on Alt Bloom, keep up with him on all his socials – @altbloom