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“Getting to Getting’ is about the excitement you get when you go out to meet a person you’re digging on and you see that they’re digging back. In that moment the night turns into an over the top heart beat ride and this song is in the middle of that journey.”

Back with another incredible single, Alt-R&B artist Alt Bloom (Ethan Thompson) has been busy this year, releasing a series of captivating records. Following the release of his debut EP Astronaut Complex earlier this year, and his recent collaboration with LA rapper gnash on their captivating record text, talk, touchyesterday,the LA-based singer-songwriter released his brand new single Getting to GettingFollowing the release, we caught up with Ethan to chat a bit more in-depth about the new single and his incredible musical journey. 

Another dazzling quarantine release, Getting to Getting was self-written, recorded and produced by Ethanwith this marking the first track he produced himself. Inspired by the excitement of a new relationship, the song explores this heart-warming and exhilarating feeling and journey against a backdrop of smooth R&B-led melodies. With a warm and vibrant soundscape, the addictive instrumental is a stunning blend of R&B, pop and jazz infused beats. A song that you can just sit back and vibe to, the captivating melody is accompanied by Ethan’s signature honeyed vocals, which immediately draw you into the gentle ambiance of the song. 

With its enchanting sonic composition and smooth Alt-Bloom flare, this is one track you’re guaranteed to have on repeat for the rest of the year! Always such a pleasure to catch up with Ethan, for our conversation Getting to Getting, keep on reading below! 

You’ve been really in the zone over the last year, releasing a mass of absolutely incredible music! How have you found the last couple months, and this truly wild year, as a creative and artist?

This year is like upstream whitewater rafting, all progress is met with unyielding push back and for that I am grateful. I’ve really been pushed to be my own two feet and two ears for this project. My team has gotten stronger and I’ve really started finding where my eyes are looking next”. 

I’m so happy to be chatting to you about another fantastic release!! Tell me a bit about your latest single, Getting to Getting!

I’m happy you enjoy our chats! I initially wrote it laying in my bed with a guitar giving up on the day haha. After I found the guitar part it was off to the races. It’s about chasing somebody when they are chasing you back and knowing that it’s going to end it both your favors. A vibe song for my tribe to enjoy the rest of the year too”. 

Written, recorded and produced all by you, this is the first track you’ve produced yourself! What was that process like, and what drew you to make that leap to producer as well?

So stoked! I’ve co produced all my songs I’ve released so far besides text, talk, touch and it has always been a dream of mine to do. With productions I always am experimental so explaining what I want is trickier than just doing it. The process was actually quite smooth, I had some new instruments I wanted to put on a track and the guitar is actually the first guitar I ever bought when I was like 16. I happened to be home while making the song so I was in my old bedroom I grew up in and it was the only electric I had nearby. Really was special putting the whole thing together”. 

A really easy-listening and mellow instrumentation makes the track such a relaxing and enjoyable listen! Where did the inspiration for the melody and musical composition come from?

The melody I am sure is a mixture of influences of things I have listened to but for the most part I always just do what comes into my head. I try not to get in the trap of thinking too hard and roll with whatever feels good. This whole track really rolled like”. 

What would you say is the best way to listen to, and enjoy, Getting to Getting?

At the end of a basement party in 2019 when you want an up-tempo slow dance to approach that person you’ve been chatting and exchanging glances with all night. Get it fam”.

Where do you see yourself heading next, artistically? And what can we expect from you as we head towards 2021?

I am taking out the juicer to the genres I love and getting the 2021 vision collected. You can expect a lot of love, a little silence, and a whole lot of videos of me in the studio. Excited for what’s to come, tribe!

So definitely make sure to give Getting to Getting a listen! For more on Alt Bloom, head here for our previous review of his earlier single text, talk, touch; and to keep up with all his latest news and releases, find him on all his socials @altbloom

Photo Cred @ Caitlin Timmins & Mathew Osumun

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