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Alt Bloom – ‘High School’

“backyards and headlights and tattoos/ I always had this feeling we might crash/and I liked that”

Delivering hit after hit, and having another incredible year this year; LA-based singer-songwriter Alt Bloom (Ethan Thompson) is back once again with another incredible release and brand new single – High School – along with an exciting new music video for the track. Continuing to hone his craft and deliver his unique blend of alternative pop, Alt Bloom’s vibrant and euphoric style of artistry offers listeners a means of escape and freedom, as he brings them deep into a world filled with introspective lyricism and soaring melodies. Having already amassed over 10 million streams on Spotify alone, he is going from strength to strength and is one artist on the rise you don’t want to miss. 

Produced by the legendary John Hill, High School is another stunning and laid back Alt Bloom style, alt-pop track. Dripping in nostalgic and ambient vibes, the song is all about him reminiscing on his adolescence and his time in high school as he looks back at this time in his life and sentimentally reflects how his teen years and those experiences made him who he is today. Alongside the universal and relatable narrative, High School kicks off with an atmospheric instrumental before Thompson’s larger than life and impassioned vocals emerge onto the soundscape; seeing him deliver another incredible performance. As the track builds, it progresses until it reaches the peak of the chorus in an explosion of emotion – a culmination of all of the feelings and thoughts Thompson experiences while he recalls the moments and memories that made him who he is as an artist today.

Adding to the release, Alt Bloom has also dropped some fantastic new visuals for the new single that perfectly reflect the nostalgic feelings and emotions of the song. Bringing us deeper into his artistic universe, the video follows Alt Bloom – a little way into the future – as he enters his pseudo-scientific lab and begins working away, before entering a time machine that sees him dive back into his past and revisit cherished memories from high school and his teenage years. Poignant, and relatable for most, the video gives a nod to many of the thoughts and feelings we often have when reflecting on our past – particularly high school – years; from unexpected careers to events that could have turned out differently.  

Another incredible Alt Bloom hit, this is the latest in his series of fantastic releases, and we can no doubt expect more new music from him over the weeks and months to come. Set for another unforgettable year as we head into 2022, make sure to keep up to date with all things Alt Bloom, and his musical journey, on all his socials: – @altbloom

photo cred @Alex Strohl

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