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Alt Bloom – ‘Old Kick Drum’

“But, I know that I’m still good/Even though I’ve done some bad”

His fourth release of the year, singer-songwriter Alt Bloom, aka Ethan Thompson, is back once again with another incredible single release; his brand new track, Old Kick Drum. Continuing to add to his rapidly growing sonic collection; Old Kick Drum is the latest taste of Thompson’s versatile and unique sound and ever-developing artistry, as he seamlessly blends alternative elements with addictive pop stylings, and even some super subtle country notes, to create immersive and introspective soundscapes. Truly an artist who should be on everyone’s radar, this year is shaping up to be another incredible one for Thompson.

All about embracing past mistakes and persevering even when it feels difficult, Old Kick Drum is a heartfelt ode to anyone who feels like they are being held back by their past, as the skilled lyricism sees Thompson passionately narrate and describe the uplifting feeling one experiences when they not only accept their faults and mistakes, but learn to grow and live freely despite them. Opening the track with an acoustic guitar instrumental, swiftly accompanied by Thompson’s melodic vocals; the ambient soundscape gradually builds to incorporate a rhythmic percussive beat before coming to a crescendo, with a bold explosion of emotion and a layered instrumentation, as the chorus hits. 

Talking about quarantine and creating music over the past year and a half, Ethan explains: 

“Quarantine was a mixed bag of feelings. I was bummed to not be able to tour my first EP, but I was happy to be home in Montana recording music in my childhood bedroom. It brought me back to my roots and gave me a chance to get even closer to my fans – now dubbed ‘the tribe’. We all lifted each other up during the most locked down of times.”

Continuing to bring us hit after hit, Old Kick Drum is the latest dazzling release from the talented artist. So, to keep up with Alt Bloom on his rapidly rising trajectory, make sure to head over to his socials to be the first to know about all his latest music news and releases: @altbloom

Photo Cred: @Alex Strohl