Alt-pop artist OAKLND returns with refreshing chilled single, ‘PARIS’

OAKLND pairs pulsing percussion with silky smooth vocals on his sad-bop track ‘PARIS’, taking elements of electropop and infusing them with his captivating storytelling and witty lyricism. Featuring catchy melodies and atmospheric soundscapes, fans of The 1975 and LANY will relish this track.

OAKLND shares: “Probably the most vulnerable I’ve ever been on a track. It was a really cool writing, recording and production process. It’s co-produced by Casey Barth who has co-written and co-produced for Julia Michaels (Happy + What A Time w/Niall Horan) and Quinn XCII (Meeting Strangers). Quinn XCII is one of my favourite artists and Julia Michaels is obviously huge, so working with someone who’s written and produced for them was amazing, I learned a lot from it!”

OAKLND has already turned the heads of notable industry gatekeepers with his strain of infectious alternative pop and it’s safe to say that ‘PARIS’ will be no different.

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