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Alt-Pop singer Kat Saul delivers her brand new EP ‘made in the 90s’.

Creating an addictive blend of music that makes you want to dance, headbang and cry; Nashville-born, Los Angeles-based artist Kat Saul is back with the follow on from her 2019 debut EP, … From Unit 408as today she debuts her brand new sophomore EP made in the 90sA 5 track compilation, featuring a blend of both new and pre-released songs, made in the 90s is the next step in Kat’s artistic journey. A stunning coming of age record, and a product of the things of her youth – Friday night lights, emo phases & prep school, sparkly pop songs, glitter-eyeliner, power chords, hip hop beats & head-bangers – made in the 90s brings together a mass of vibrant and eclectic soundscapes; and draws you into the idiosyncratic sonic world of the record, as she brings together a melting-pot of pop, alternative and rock genres. 

 “It’s me reflecting on who I am and what I’ve been through as I transition into adult life so that I can process how the past has made me who I am…because that’s what art is right?,” Kat explains. “It was written over several years, in several different stages of life, and in several different cities. I live to perform; I write to get through the chaos of being human. I was made in the 90s, and this is what that sounds like to me.”

Kicking off the EP is Kat’s latest single, Alright – released last month. The first of the pre-released songs, Alright injects a vibrant and impassioned energy to intro the record. An up-tempo anthem that celebrates taking a chance on love, despite the risk of heartbreak; Alright delivers a blend of infectious pop melodies alongside self-aware lyricism, with subtle alt-rock inspired instrumentals. Switching up the tempo, we move to the first of the exciting new songs on the EP – X2. With a positive up-beat vibe, X2 leans slightly more on distinctive pop beats, accompanied by soft electro influences. 

Following on from this are the two other pre-release Ep tracks  – Monsters and I Love To Hate You. As she confronts her own mental health struggles on Monsters, and works through the universal experience of heartbreak on I Love To Hate You; Kat delivers a vibrant and eclectic blend of sombre and melancholic melodies, alongside more impassioned up-tempo pop beats. with raw and honest narratives, these are delivered through Kat’s captivating and enchanting vocals that make for a poignant and emotive delivery. And through the dynamic sonic landscape; the exciting and unpredictable instrumental draws on subtle generic elements from across electro-synth and pop-rock.

Playing the album out is the final track, Cloud 9. With a passionate and delicate soundscape, Cloud 9 leads more distinctively on rock influences; and brings an atmosphere of hope and resilience, as Kat touches once more upon the theme of mental health. As the final notes play out, the EP ends on a soft synth-pop note, as Kat’s resounding vocal cadences gently fade to an end.  

A stunning record from top to bottom; Kat showcases her incredible talent and artistry, and is no doubt solidifying her place within the music scene. So make sure to give made in the 90s a listen; and for more on Kat Saul, keep up with her, and her artistic journey, on all her socials @katsaulmusic

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