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Alt-pop trio Radio Laika release dynamic new single ‘Nights Off’

Upcoming trio Radio Laika have released an alt-pop anthem for the introverts with their new single ‘Nights Off’, which sees dynamic percussion and shimmering melodies accompany smooth vocals. The song follows a norm-defying structure, with rhythmic bass taking the lead for the stripped-back mid-section. Although the lyrics advocate staying in over going out, ‘Nights Off’ will make you want to dance either way. 

Discussing their new release, Radio Laika revealed: “This song is for the lonely people at the party. Written in a time when it was safe to enter a house party but still just as scary for those who didn’t know how to fit in. A song designed to be easy to dance to no matter how good or bad you may be.”

Three-piece Radio Laika arrived on the scene in 2019 with their debut single ‘Video Game’, crafting a magnetic indie soundscape which they explored further on their 2020 EP ‘Blue on the Inside (Unplugged)’. Latest offering ‘Nights Off’ indicates that a bright future lies ahead of Radio Laika, and we can’t wait to hear more. 

Listen to ‘Nights Off’ here.