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Altameda – ‘Nightmare Town’

‘Baby let’s burn it down/ I can’t stand the sound of this nightmare town’

Once more, Toronto-based rock duo Altameda are back with another new release as they deliver their latest single and first release of the year – their brand new track, Nightmare Townfollowing on from their series of incredible 2021 singles. Starting the year on a high note, Nightmare Town is a stunning and cinematic rock-led track that showcases another side to the band’s sound and style and why they continue to be a rising artist to watch. Marking the start of a new chapter for the duo, Nightmare town is the latest single taken off of their forthcoming album, Born Losers, that is set for release later this springthe follow on from their 2019 record Time Hasn’t Changed You. So with plenty more new releases on the horizon, make sure you don’t miss what Altameda have in store for us this year. 

Delivering a different sound to their previous singles Wheel Of Love and Dead Man’s Suit, giving off more ambient and melodic vibes; Nightmare Town boast a more up-tempo and energetic indie-rock soundscape, seemingly somewhat at odds with the more ominous song title and overall narrative and meaning behind the track. With the song delving into the feeling of depression, and longing to ultimately leave your town in search of adventure and growth. However, amongst the feelings of angst, there is a sense of excitement, optimism and desire at the future and unknown possibilities. And through the buoyant and cinematic sonic landscape, it seamlessly reflects the hope and desire of the narrator as they daydream determinedly about leaving their hometown for more exciting pastures.  

“The concept for the song “Nightmare Town” was influenced largely by the film Badlands, and the true story that the film is loosely based on. Though the violence of those stories have no place in “Nightmare Town,” I found the desperation of the characters compelling. I will always love my hometown, however, the desire to change your geographical placement for the sake of adventure and spiritual growth is something that I’m sure most people can relate to at some point in their lives. I imagined a young couple daydreaming about stealing a car and making a break for it to some undetermined destination. Stopping at nothing to achieve freedom from their circumstances”.

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