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Andreas Moe – ‘All Our Worries Are Poems – Pt.1’ EP

Back today with a brand new release, critically acclaimed Swedish artist Andreas Moe delivers his brand new offering – his exciting 4-track EP All Our Worries Are Poems – Pt.1. Featuring his two pre-released tracks, Holding On and Hey Lulu, released earlier this year; the EP continues to showcase his vibrant and captivating brand of artistry and makes for a stunning new addition to his ever growing musical collection. Honing and developing his craft since making his debut as a solo artist back in 2012; the past decade has seen him go from strength, and he is now back with the latest example of his sound and style and the next chapter of his artistic journey with the release of All Our Worries Are Poems – Pt.1. 

A vibrant and uplifting collection of pop-led guitar tracks, written during troubled times; All Our Worries Are Poems – Pt.1 kicks off with the brand new song Rise & Fall – a delicate and poignant track, filled with gentle and uplifting acoustic guitar melodies that make for a perfect introduction to the EP. As we make our way through the record, the next two tracks are the two pre-released singles Hey Lulu and Holding On – both of which are fan favourites and continue the same sonic vibe of enchanting and melodic acoustic guitar-led instrumentals. Ending the record on the second of the two brand new releases, the EP plays out on the brand new track Wholeheartedly. Taking a slight detour from the rest of the record; Wholeheartedly sees Andreas move more into the realm and genre of Americana and delivers a bluesy, rich and emotive energy.  

A stunning, calming and atmospheric EP from start to end, All Our Worries Are Poems – Pt. 1 is a deeply personal record that can be seen as a reflection of Andreas over the past year and his frame of mind as an artist. Highlighting his genuine and honest songwriting, with his skilled lyricism shining throughout the record, the self-produced collection of songs is filled with a mass of inescapable warm and glorious tones and can be seen as some of Andreas’ most genuine work to date.

“I’m so excited to be able to release these new songs that were all born in the middle of a pandemic. I’ve always felt proud and connected to the music I put out because each song has its own story and journey, but I have to say, never before have I released music that I so genuinely feel reflects who I am and want to be as an artist,”

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Photo Cred: @Alma Bengtsson

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