New Music

Andrew Flynn continues his run of singles with the uplifting ‘True Love Is Inside You’

Debuting only last September with ‘About Love?’, a story of a broken-hearted 17-year-old, swiftly followed by thoughtfulness around the complexities of relationships in ‘Narcissist’, Andrew Flynn is bringing memorable arrangements and dramatic songwriting to each of his releases.

Describing himself as a proud queer music artist, Andrew has already seen a range of press acclaim for his astute reflections. Growing up gay in the 80s has become the muse behind his music, by embracing the past and his humble roots, he delivers heartfelt and captivating performances.

Andrew’s third single is the momentous new single ‘True Love Is Inside You’. A reminder to love yourself as a priority, Andrew laces the topic with a vibrant and impassioned vocal performance, building the melodies onto a celestial stage of rich harmony. Filled with plucky synths and acoustic guitars, warm chords and percussion that drive your emotions into the stratosphere, the new single is as evocative as it is necessary, uplifting the listener further with each passing moment.

Andrew explains the track, sharing, ”I wrote this song as a reminder that when you feel deep love for someone that those emotions of love are being generated inside of us. That love is always accessible as it is self generated. I discovered this for myself a few years back as I was going through a painful breakup, and even though I was sad I could close my eyes and imagine a moment in time with that person, and I felt the feeling of love again. It really was a wonderful thing to know I had not lost love, it belonged to me the whole time.”