Angus Parkin reveals charming new track ‘Commitment’ from his magnificent LP ‘It’s a Chemical Thing’

Underpinned by a combination of irresistible pop, soul and RnB sounds, singer-songwriter Angus Parkin delivers all the feel-good vibes we needed to close off 2020 with on his track ‘Commitment’. Taken off his brand new album ‘It’s a Chemical Thing’, Angus is accompanied by Lauren Dejey on the romantic themed record, as they narrate heart-on-sleeve lyricism that will have you feeling sentimental upon the first listen. Angus explains: “The inspiration behind this track is that feeling of knowing something is right. You don’t need to rush it, or take it a bit slow – it’s in that goldilox zone. Everything is just right, and you’re ready to commit 100% to it.”

Having started his career as a session guitarist, and writing primarily for other artists, Angus began to establish his dreamy sound, and has since released a steady stream of creative and authentic gems. Writing all of his songs from a place of honesty, Angus’ album ‘It’s a Chemical Thing’ is a collection of songs from his deepest thoughts and feelings, and is an unmissable compilation of sweet sounds and introspective lyrics. This is an artist you really don’t want to miss out on.

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