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Anja Kotar – ‘Alone Together’

Her latest vibrant offering, Anja Kotar delivers her newest track Alone Together; a reminiscent account of life during lockdown.

Yesterday, rising artist Anja Kotar returns with her first release of the year; her brand new single Alone Together. Emerging on the music scene in 2019 with her debut single Kidshaving amassed over 22K monthly listeners on Spotify, Alone Together marks Anja’s latest offering, taken from her upcoming EP songs from isolation – a series of tracks about 2020. Delivering vibrant and powerful pop-led tracks; though her music, she explores relatable modern day issues such as online dating, toxic beauty standards and our generations relationship with technology, drawing upon her personal experiences.

A dazzling pop anthem; the captivating new single Alone Together perfectly encapsulates the emotions we have all been experiencing during 2020 and over our time in lockdown – gazing out of your bedroom window and envisioning better times. Delivering stunning pop balladry, the track opens with a gentle piano melody, perfectly accompanying Anja’s melodic and honeyed vocals. Maintaining a minimalistic instrumental; as the track progresses, the soundscape gradually builds, incorporating powerful and anthemic harmonies alongside dynamic percussive beats and a rich, vibrant energy.

“Alone Together helps me reflect on my life of the past year and is the soundtrack to my cry dance parties in my bedroom so I truly hope it speaks to people and their lockdown experiences”.

Anja talking about the new single

The perfect quarantine anthem, Anja is certainly headed for more incredible things this year. So make sure to follow her journey on all her socials:


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