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Arkuen – ‘The Last Race’ EP

Delivering another incredible release and the latest instalment in his musical journey; today, emerging artist Arkuen is back with his brand new record – his 6 track EP, The Last Race. Continuing to introduce us to his unique global vision, the talented London-based artist shows no signs of slowing down as he brings us further into his artistic world. Further showcasing his diverse and eclectic sound and style, the EP brings us into a vibrant sonic world that draws upon an array of genres and styles from across soul, reggae, dance hall, bachata, soca and many more; bringing about a true explosion of sounds and flavours. Featuring his two previously released singles Entrance and Wild, The Last Race is the latest tase of what this talented new artist has to offer and what we can expect from him going forward. Creating adventurous, culture changing and timeless music; The Last Race is a fantastic new record that does not disappoint.

Opening the record is a stunning introductory track Intro, that brings us into the EP’s unique sonic universe with a mass of nature inspired sounds, layered beneath a soft spoken-word moment. A brief 50 seconds, Intro is the perfect beginning to the record and seamlessly fades to bring us into the main body of the EP – kickstarted by the two pre-released singles Entrance and Wild. Following up Wild, we get to the first of the brand-new full-length songs on the record as we hit track number 4 – Distance. Up-tempo and energetic, the song gives off a distinctive R&B energy, laced with a subtle Latin flare; with the stand out feature being Arkuen’s skilled, warm and captivating vocals that float above the enchanting melody. The next track, Believe In More, again takes us in a new direction with a more laid-back, reggae-infused energy that makes you want to get up and dance. And finally, we end the record on the poignant and eclectic track Otherside. A perfect end to the record, it is a dazzling melting pot of all the generic influences we hear across the EP, and seamlessly reflects the overarching energy and ambience of the record. 

Talking about The Last Race and the meaning behind the EP, Arkuen explains:

“The last race has two meanings. Ltrally meaning the last race as in sport, kind of an algormory for we on a time ticking bomb and we need to quickly understand we are one and also humans taking the risk to be there authentic selves to be free, open, to leave everything behind for a moment to be free. And the second meaning is literal. The last human race, as I say in the video, we live in a time where all nations have come to one. Whether from bad reasons or good This is MASSIVE. we are the beginning of humanity being one unit. It’s a very exciting time”.

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