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Aryy – ‘I’ve grown out of you’

Placing her mark on the music scene; last year, emerging artist Arry delivered her debut single I’ve grown out of you, taken from her recent debut EP get a clue.

Hailing from Brazil, now living in California; emerging singer-songwriter Ariel Mancanares, better known by her stage name Aryy, made her emergence onto the music scene last year; using her music as a means to share her life and experiences. And in her vibrant debut single i’ve grown out of youshe perfectly captures the complexities of young love and self-discovery. Released late last year, the single is taken from her recent 5-track EP get a clue.

Introducing us to her sonic style and artistry, Arry delivers a bubbly and infectious bedroom-pop sound; fusing together gentle melodies with a poignant and emotive narrative and candid lyricism. Drawing us into the delicate soundscape, the instrumental is filled with addictive ukulele chords and soft percussive beats, with Aryy blending the soft instrumental with her emotional candour to create a slice of delightful alternative pop. An empowering and relatable tale of finally getting over someone, the track is a perfect example of Arry’s song writing and artistic skill and talent. 

Talking about the single, Arry explains:

“I’ve Grown Out of You is about realizing that I’ve grown, changed and matured from the person I used to be when I was with a certain someone while I notice them stuck doing the same old things living in their own made Neverland”, Aryy reflects, “writing this song was an important mark for me as to when I finally started getting over this person who broke my heart”.

And her EP debut EP get a clue making a perfect start to the year, we can expect more dazzling music and stunning releases from the talented artist. Bringing us into her unique sonic world, her music is a truly captivating listen that you won’t want to miss out on!   


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