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Atari Pilot releases glossy single ‘The rules never change’

Atari Pilot first debuted in 2011, with their album ‘Navigation of the world by sound’, becoming their first and only release. For the following nine years, the band went release silent, before re-emerging in 2020 with a newfound pace to their single deliveries. With vocalist Onze recovering from cancer, he was inspired to re-ignite the band, joined by Paj on bass, Andy on drums and Frosty on guitar. Since then, Atari Pilot has continued building momentum, with each single extending the scope of their influences.

The Swindon four-piece recently released a new single entitled ‘The rules never change’. The track is drenched in audio nostalgia, with gleaming, raw synth melodies and reverberant drums introducing us to a world that balances grittiness and glitter. Delicate pianos melodically twinkle whilst distorted guitars power through the mix. Towards the end of the track, all the elements come together for a soaring climax, a final enticing call to the listener.

The band add, “This was a nice change up , those baggy drums with a more funky bass line. The theme of the song being how we’re sometimes drawn to things that are bad for us and we have to handle the consequences.”