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ATMoney releases deeply, personal and infectious new mixtape “Everything Is Everything”

Raised between Queens & Brooklyn, ATMoney has been refining their skills as a songwriter for years. Growing up as a poet, their creative career saw them become a self-published author and now a rapper. They also grew up listening to Mobb Deep and Notorious B.I.G, even now, these influences still creep into their music – showcasing the impact of these artists. They know how impactful music is, therefore they have set themselves a mission, in which they want to encourage young people of colour to gather their emotions and feelings to generate thoughts and words greater than themselves. 

Their latest offering comes in the form of an 11-track mixtape. The mixtape is set to take listeners on a journey. Tracks such as “6th Sense ft. Richii Price” are more heartfelt offerings, with understated instrumentation and irresistible melody lines. Tracks such as “2:22” are atmospheric with hard-hitting instrumentals.

Speaking about the release, they say: “”Everything Is Everything” is my breathing culmination of life experiences that not only I have lived, but have been blessed to witness and experience.” 

Money’s work has been featured on platforms like CanvasRebel, Majorstage, and Shoutout Colorado. They’ve performed at venues such as SOBs, The Nuyorican Poets Cafe & Westcott Theater.

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