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August at Night Returns with Captivating New Single ‘KFY’

August at Night has made a long-awaited comeback with his latest single, ‘KFY,’ after a year-long hiatus. The track presents a new side of his sound, featuring a dark and brooding instrumental centered around a repeating, hard-hitting bass-line. A rhythmic hi-hat pattern and punchy kick and snare keep the track consistently moving, while synth and acoustic guitar lines add further depth to the music. August’s vocal performance is atmospheric and reflective, with a touch of grit, making it irresistibly addictive to listen to.

The artist explains that ‘KFY’ was intentionally stripped down, born from a desire to break free from his musical comfort zone and start fresh. Prior to his break, August at Night generated press buzz and witnessed streaming growth, but he now returns with a significant departure from his previous works. The new direction is both fresh and catchy, leaving listeners excited for what’s next.

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