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Gaël Farny drops enticing single ‘Never Be Like You’

Gaël Farny has done it again, with his latest single ‘Never Be Like You’ delivering an eclectic blend of rock, dance, and ska that will leave you breathless. The irresistible riff-roaring guitars and powerful bass synth lines pair perfectly with the pop-soaked vocals, creating a truly unforgettable experience. Hard-hitting drums and understated rhythm guitars drive …

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Tay Toe Drops New Mixtape “Habits and Setbacks”

Tay Toe’s latest album, “Habits and Setbacks”, is a powerful and introspective collection of 11 tracks that showcase the artist’s versatility and artistic growth. From the soul-baring ballad “Life Of Blues” to the effortlessly rhythmic “Meet Again”, this album takes listeners on a rollercoaster of emotions. Speaking about the mixtape, he reveals: “I worked very …

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Luchi Takes Listeners on an Emotional Journey with the Release of His Latest E.P. “Me + Tears Ain’t Strangers.

Luchi’s “Me + Tears Ain’t Strangers” E.P is a testament to his powerful and emotional artistry. The release features tracks “He Said” and “Faith,” which showcase Luchi’s signature sound with bold drums and melodic guitars. The vulnerable ballad “Losing My Mind” highlights Luchi’s emotive vocal range and adds a serene touch to the E.P. Luchi’s …

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“Hot and Clumsy”: A Captivating Blend of Ethereal Bedroom Pop and Intricate Guitar Riffs from Quiet Houses

Quiet Houses, the indie-folk duo from Edinburgh, have just released their new single “Hot and Clumsy” from their upcoming EP “Since July”. This track is a captivating blend of ethereal bedroom pop, intricate guitar riffs and lively beats. The lyrics tell the story of the anxious excitement of being young and liking someone at a …


Russ Coson drops new single ‘Twisted’

‘Twisted’ is a song about the ebbs and flows of love in a relationship. Russ describes how a love interest shows affection towards him one day but then acts indifferent the next day, resulting in feelings of confusion, passion, and pain. The song was inspired by Keith Sweat’s original ‘Twisted’ released in 1996, with Russ …

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The Pretty Ugly want to be more than your “Friend”

The Pretty Ugly are back with a brand new single: “Friend.” Fuses contemporary with classic, the band are serving up a refreshing take on indie-rock music. Heavy-hitting drums, chorus-soaked guitars and irresistible vocal lines are what make this track stand out! Speaking about the single, the band say: “Friend is a lively musical piece written …

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ATMoney releases deeply, personal and infectious new mixtape “Everything Is Everything”

Raised between Queens & Brooklyn, ATMoney has been refining their skills as a songwriter for years. Growing up as a poet, their creative career saw them become a self-published author and now a rapper. They also grew up listening to Mobb Deep and Notorious B.I.G, even now, these influences still creep into their music – …