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Beau James Wilding drops new single “The Dove”

Beau James Wilding might hail from the South-Central coast of California, but his sound is international. Merging together punk, blues and jazz, his music is refreshing and shines through in an industry that is so oversaturated. His latest single is no different. “The Dove” is an irresistible new offering that merges minimal instrumentation with irresistible …

Music New Music Releases Releases & Reviews

Erik Reino will make a lasting impression with new E.P “Back To The Start”

Erik Reino wants to bridge the gap between his fanbase and him. In an engaged world, it’s important to be transparent and honest with your audience – and Reino is doing just that. Singing about joy, heartache and everything in between, he wants his audience to fully connect with his material. His larger-than-life sound has …

Music New Music Releases Releases & Reviews

StarAce drop new single “Mystical Cat”

StarAce have had a tremendous couple of years. They’ve gained a global and loyal fanbase and they’ve received some fantastic accolades from important tastemakers. Their unique and signature sound blurs old and new together, offering a refreshing take on rock music.   “Mystical Cat” is their latest offering. Featuring thrashing percussion and distortion drenched instrumentation, the …

Music New Music Releases Releases & Reviews

Lex Candy drops new E.P “You’ve done the right thing, let’s move on and celebrate life”

Determined to leave the DIY punk scene, Lex Candy spent some time working on himself as a person. However, he didn’t realise that this period would actually help and forge his new unique sound. Whilst his punk roots are still clear, his signature sound pays homage to many more unique and new influences. Speaking about …