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Casey Carmichael reassures listeners in compassionate single ‘Hold My Hand’

Casey Carmichael, hailing from Columbia, South Carolina, and now based in Atlanta, Georgia, emerges as a rising folk songwriter. Inspired by legends like Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix, Casey began playing guitar at eleven, later refining his instrumental and production craft at Berklee College of Music. Originally, immersed in the local R&B scene, Casey’s passion …

New Music

shugE releases passionate single ‘With Me’

Minneapolis-based songwriter and performer shugE first built his musical career across the 2000s, performing around his home city and receiving support from radio stations across North America. Through this, he became a flagship signing for independent label Anti-Civ Records, and featured heavily in the 2008 documentary about the label. In 2022, shugE returned from a …

New Music

TARA releases glowing new single ‘I Need You’

Dublin born and raised, TARA is currently studying at the LIPA, blending together the sounds of her home with the heritage of Liverpool’s music scene. Notably, TARA collaborated with Irish DJ Fahri Mac on a unique sounding dance anthem that garnered upwards of 100,000 streams on SoundCloud. Now, TARA has returned with the atmospheric single …

New Music

Talon David shares feel-good anthem ‘Anomaly’

GRAMMY recognition for her song ‘Deep Snow’, a Bachelor of Music from Belmont University, a guest appearance in Neal Morse’s prog rock opera Jesus Christ: the Exorcist and a completely self-produced debut album, Talon David already stands as an acclaimed artist. Growing up in a musical household in Nashville and now finding her audience in …