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merry choppins releases new double single ‘flex / ohhhiiiiii’ feat. Jessy Wilson

Producer and songwriter merry choppins returns with new double single ‘flex / ohhhiiiiii’, following on from his recent release ‘cloudin / nananana’. His new offering includes a collaboration with R&B powerhouse Jessy Wilson, seeing bouncing melodies and a catchy chorus, whilst the electrifying ‘ohhhiiiiii’ brings a grooving bass drop and shimmering vocal chops.  Discussing the …

New Music

Broken Chanter shares his indie banger ‘Dancing Skeletons’

Uplifting and authentic with a killer chorus, Broken Chanter’s singer-songwriter sensibilities reach new heights with a powerful full band sound that elevates his folk-esque vocals and heart-wrenching melodies. Despite being written in lockdown, ‘Dancing Skeletons’ is anything but claustrophobic, it’s a freeing insight into Broken Chanter’s candid perspective of the calamity of modern society. Discussing …


Alto Key releases stirring new single ‘waiting’

‘waiting’ is the latest release from short-form content sensation and indie musician Alto Key. The track is Alto Key at his most vulnerable – atmospheric and a whirlwind of electronic alt-pop sounds around layered vocals, delivering lyrics that hit hard. Melancholic and touching and thoughtfully produced to amplify Alto Key’s distinct vocals, be prepared to …


RIVES release new single ‘I Don’t Wish You The Best’

Cheltenham-based duo RIVES return with their new single, the impactful and emotive ‘I Don’t Wish You The Best.’ Featuring shimmering guitar chords and pulsing beats, the track builds a contemporary soundscape, presenting dark alt-pop with dreamy R&B undertones. RIVES never fails to deliver on the vocals, with an effortlessly powerful delivery reminiscent of vocalists such …


Irish three-piece N.O.A.H share their highly-anticipated debut EP ‘Echoes Of The Night’

Euphoric and pushing boundaries, ‘Echoes Of The Night’ is a powerful debut EP that showcases N.O.A.H’s addictive alt-rock sound perfectly. Boasting collaborations from Booka Brass and Irish hip-hop outfit Hare Squead, there are no holds barred when it comes to taking their alternative rock sound into new territories. The lead single ‘Hands Up’ was released …


Harry Marshall unveils his introspective EP ‘Not Yet,’

Mixing polished production with luxurious, husky vocals, Harry Marshall’s ‘Not Yet,’ is a must-listen EP.  ‘Not Yet,’ takes listeners on a personal and relatable journey, as each of the 8 tracks showcase Marshall’s impressive and mature songwriting skills. Delivering a sound that blends elements of alternative pop, indie and rock, the Australian born, London based …

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Chaz Cardigan returns with new single and music video ‘We Look So Good’

Chaz Cardigan returns with new single ‘We Look So Good’, presenting a quirky indie banger. Through its bold percussion and catchy melodies, the track mirrors the conflicted emotions that Chaz portrays through his lyrics. As he ponders whether to leave or stay in an unhappy relationship, the American pool party themed music video echoes this …