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John Dhali releases new album ‘IN TIME LP’ with angelic sounding new single ‘Plain Sight’

John Dhali has crafted a signature sound for himself, which is a melting pot of folk, pop and indie all executed through his John Dhali lens. He’s emerged through some really tough times which included illness and rehabilitation – his music standing as a proud reminder of this. His first solo E.P was picked up …

Music New Music Releases Releases & Reviews

Bugeye releases alternative rock banger ‘Summer In The City’

Bugeye are a queer, alternative rock band from Croydon. Re-imagining their sound in 2018, they’ve managed to create a unique offering that features dirty guitars, disco beats, sizzling synths and exploding bass riffs that will be sure to get you up and dancing.  Their latest single ‘Summer In The City’ features their unique sound. Drums …

Music New Music Releases Releases & Reviews

Emerging producer Electrohed drops his blistering new release ‘Back To Rio’

Originally making his mark with Bloco Electro, who spent the last few years touring the world with their infectious sound, producer Electrohed is now branching out on his own and unleashing the electrifying new single ‘Back To Rio’. With its carnival flavours and bossa nova grooves, ‘Back To Rio’ is a wonderfully fresh and dynamic …

Music New Music Releases Releases & Reviews

Kraken releases unique sounding single ‘Khan Market Gang’

Kraken is representative of their hometown of Delhi. The 5-piece’s musical identity is a melting pot of different genres, cultures and ideas – similar to an urban city that has a wealth of different people. Kraken showcases their unique sound in their latest offering ‘Khan Market Gang.’ Rock, Hip-Hop, Dance, Bhangra, Folk and Electronic are …