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Jack Rasmussen shares his personal new track ‘Jump The Gun’.

An exploration of the frustrations of moving too fast in a relationship, ‘Jump The Gun’ from singer-songwriter Jack Rasmussen explores suffocation and emotions through soulful guitar and an irresistible indie rock sound, capturing the essence of his lyrical stories beautifully. Talking about the new single, Jack Rasmussen shares: “‘Jump The Gun’ re-creates the story of …


Josh Greatorex blends trap beats and bedroom pop on his new track ‘Come Over’

Josh Greatorex’s addictive hooks and production shine through on his new track ‘Come Over’, fusing a heavy bass with delectable bedroom pop prowess. Ebbing and flowing between euphoria and reflection, Josh is proving that his music is both thoughtful and dance-worthy. Talking about the new release, Josh Greatorex shares: “The song is about reflecting on …


Chima Dior – ‘Detached Frvr’

Chima Dior returns with his dark and dreamy new single titled ‘detached frvr’. The chilled hip-hop track sees dynamic beats and a melodic topline accompany Chima Dior’s smooth rap flow. He delivers reflective lyrics about distancing himself from relationships, with a catchy hook adding a subtle groove to the song’s lo-fi ambiance. Chima Dior has …


ELATRASI shines on her cinematic new track ‘Immunity’

Songwriting sensation and eclectic, multi-disciplinary artist ELATRASI is back with her new song ‘Immunity’. Unafraid to get creative and experimental, the track fuses Moroccan-British songstress ELATRASI’s sensationally powerful vocals with varied and dynamic instrumentation, including rhythmic folk infusions and nods to Arabic sounds. Her captivating strain of cinematic, ethereal pop has caught the attention of …