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Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L drops new single ‘Lavender’

Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L’s new single ‘Lavender’ and its accompanying visuals are a burst of playful beats and creative shots, perfectly encapsulating Breon’s shining charisma and skill. With lyrics centering on a romantic relationship, the track radiates with light-hearted vibes, with Breon’s rap flow sounding as slick as ever.  Discussing his new single, Breon said: “Lavender has …

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Conal Kelly releases musing single ‘In My Head’

Multi-talented rising star Conal Kelly’s new track is a chilled alt-pop record that beams with creativity and spirit. With zingy instrumentals and Conal’s dreamy vocals, the song’s lyrics delve into introspective topics of thought processes, and displays an echoey, celestial quality throughout that is easy to get lost in. Conal’s vocal, songwriting, producing and multi-instrumental …

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DJ Zenas releases glowing single ‘By Ur Side’

Dallas-based DJ Zenas proves he is much more than a DJ on ZENɅS, continuing to lay the groundwork for his unique sound as a versatile producer and artist. The new project aims to highlight Zenas’ other talents and shift the conversation towards who he is as an artist. Today, he shares “By Ur Side”, the …

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John Dhali releases triumphant single ‘In Time’

John Dhali is providing the kind of sonic pick-me-up that we all need right now. His new single ‘In Time’ is an upbeat and uplifting groove, combining elements of indie, soul, pop and folk. The track offers rich yet nuanced instrumentation, including shimmering tambourines, gliding strings and dynamic percussion. John’s smooth and agile voice has …

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Rosita drops new single 3am

Rising star Rosita has released the effortlessly sleek and contemporary new single ‘3AM’, impressing both old and new fans alike. Rosita’s voice is smooth and agile, delivering clever melodies and candied harmonies. Her vocals are accompanied by nuanced production, including a dynamic beat and shimmering guitar amongst other textured sounds. The track moves into a …

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MARSELA releases who Knows Where The Love Goes video

Emerging on the scene with the compelling debut ‘Who Know Where The Love Goes?’, singer-songwriter Marsela is poised for big things. The acoustic track features dark but mellow piano chords, allowing the focus to be directed towards Marsela’s emotive lyrics and rich, powerhouse vocals. As her voice glides from velvety low notes to soaring belts, …

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TOYGIRL share their newest offering ‘Poison’

In an age when individuality is as vital as innovative talent, TOYGIRL was born through a collaborative search for a compelling and unique sound. Described as a “pigeon-hole busting bilingual quintet” by Hot Press, the alt-pop group blends wildly varying musical influences and idiosyncratic personalities in pursuit of creating a truly unique brand of music. …