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AZSH releases empowering new single ‘Everybody Wants To Go Outside (EW2GO)’

AZSH’s latest offering comes in the form of single ‘Everybody Wants To Go Outside.’ A captivating single that features heartwarming synths, heavenly stacked vocals and infectious drums that creates a wall of noise that can only be described as her sound. The chorus features an unforgettable vocal melody that will be stuck in your head for days.

The track has been produced by produced by O.I.AM, an emerging L.A. producer with four international hits this year, adding a wealth of musical knowledge to track.

Despite the playful feel of the track, the song discusses an important subject. AZSH shares: “The song is about freedom of expression, a challenge to be yourself and embrace your individuality even if the climate doesn’t support your decision, getting out of the box, getting out from under the expectations of others, and supporting each other.”

Stemming from the instinctual need for self-expression, ‘EW2GO’’s meaning has taken on a more literal meaning as we all reclaim our footing in the outside world. With all the qualities of this song, it’s hard not to image AZSH right at the top.

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