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BALTHAZARD & Mik Ivy release groovy new single ‘Prince’

‘Prince’ is an exciting new single from two rapidly up-and-coming London-based, Switzerland-born artists BALTHAZARD and Mik Ivy. Live drummer turn DJ & producer BALTHAZARD has been increasing his notability both behind the desk and the decks, collaborating with other artists and performing at events across Switzerland, Paris and London. He’s also worked with the likes of Michael Kors and Versace with their events. Mik Ivy is an artist that seems creatively unlimited, pushing the boundaries of each genre he embraces and headlining multiple shows in London.

‘Prince’ is a effortlessly groovy summer anthem, the track has a presence that brings you right into the party mindset. A funky bass line, driving drum line, rhythmic electric guitar and occasional horn stabs all come together to absorb you into the track. Relatable, joyful lyrics and an enticing vocal performance mean this is a track there’s no doubt you’ll have on repeat in your party playlist.

On the new release, the artists share, “We wrote the song speaking from the perspective of the pretend cool kid, describing what it’s like being the life of the party, whilst not wanting to even be there, a bittersweet yet contagious feeling of euphoria, superimposed with the silky, vintage-inspired musical foundation, which results in an addictive harmony of chaotic yet controlled groove. We wanted to provide a throwback right to the golden age of superstardom and the over-the-top regality of performers from that era. A must for any self-respecting party you’ll be throwing this summer, this project will have you and all your friends hitting replay as soon as that last chorus ends with its signature ‘so smooth’.”

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