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Barton Hartshorn shares personality-drenched single ‘The King of my Undoing’

Teasing his new EP ‘Everything…’, the latest project in a string of successful albums over his career both as Dictafone frontman and solo songwriter, Barton Hartshorn has unveiled a new single entitled ‘The King of my Undoing’.

Barton Hartshorn, taking the name of the village he grew up in, brings rich folk storytelling to his music, bringing the influences of a childhood spent listening to folk singers playing in the local clubs to a unique musical identity. Touring America, seeing European success and spending time writing in Australia, Barton’s international status has translated to global press acclaim.

The new single is a deep dive into self-assuredness and anxiety, with Barton crafting his own self-consciousness into a characterised antagonist. Fuelled by folk-pop movement from guitars, piano, drums and an infectious bass groove, the songwriter sets out a tapestry around his vocal performance, layering his lead line with a choir of supporting emotions, each seemingly drenched in a new element of his personality. Conceptual and fun, it’s an exciting first outing into the upcoming EP.

Barton adds, “That voice at the back of your head thinks he’s in control, thinks he’s wearing the crown. Let’s see what happens if we give him the microphone. Who knows…maybe he’s right, maybe we’ll learn something. Let’s roll tape on this one…give him his 15 minutes of fame, then maybe, just maybe he’ll shut the f**k up.”