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Beat The Drum shares experimental single ‘Before The Fall’

Beat The Drum have released multiple albums and singles since their return to music, whilst maintaining their status as independent creators. They bring together an attitude unlimited by genre with a distinct vision. Exciting projects lie ahead, promising a mix of beautiful, powerful, and unconventional music.

The cult band began as a five-piece in West London during the late eighties, gaining underground acclaim with their vinyl singles and albums. After the original band split, Chris and Steve performed under various names, including Crasherama in the nineties, before reuniting as Beat the Drum in 2016.

In Beat The Drum’s ‘Before The Fall’, the band show their homage to the sounds that shaped their early days, their nostalgic sound placing you right back into the experimental world of rock at the rise of electronic elements and exploratory arrangements. The single is brimming with electronic effects, whether subtle and gentle or tension-building and raw, some are melodic, and some are effects, but they strike an impressive balance. The guitars, drums and horn section help to steady this vibrant ship, with a steady backbeat and bright rhythms.

The duo add, “We wrote ‘Before The Fall’ about this period as AI develops beyond our technological age into the information age. The period in which technological advances define social, economic and political life. As we start to know less and leave the thinking to machines we become just dumb monkeys without the fun.”