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Beks – ‘The Thing About Us’

“If it’s about trust yeah we got enough/ But the thing about us”

Since embarking on her solo artistic journey, formerly a member of the punk-rock band Rackett; Sydney-based indie-pop singer-songwriter Rebecca Callander, better known by her stage name Beks, has been capturing the attention of listeners all over. Making her solo debut in 2017, she has introduced us to her genre-blending brand of artistry that draws upon electro, indie, pop and alternative elements. Marking her seventh, and most recent, single to date; at the end of last year, Beks shared her glimmering indie alt-pop track The Thing About Us, a departure from her usual sound. Following the release of The Thing About Us; last month, Beks returned with some brand new visuals to accompany the track. 

“This song encapsulates the feeling of being in love and then out of love with your best friend. Your best friend that you party and wake up hungover with and then realise that you’ve crossed a line of no return, blurred the boundaries and you’re desperate to find a way back. The thing about us is there was never an ‘us’ only ever ‘you and I’”.

A new artistic avenue for Beks, The Thing About explores a narrative that takes a look at the blurred lines between a close friendship and love. With catchy pop beats and addictive hooks, the songs draws you into a shimmering and uplifting sonic world, alongside a dazzling instrumental, reminiscent of something out of the ‘80s.

Adding to the release of the single, Beks is now back with a stunning new music video to accompany the track. Reflecting the relatable reality of modern dating and falling in love, the visuals open with Beks, soaked in warm purple hues, aimlessly scrolling through dating apps. As the video progresses, we see Beks perfectly capture the essence of the song, with each emotion reflected in the various colours and filters used that can be seen to illuminate her in various moments throughout the tumultuous relationship; from the moments of bliss and joy being steeped in blues and greens, to the more heart-breaking and emotional experiences dipped in reds, pinks and greys.

Taken from her forthcoming mixtape Beks 2021, we can expect more incredible music and releases from the talented artist this year. So keep up with her artistic journey on all her socials:


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