Bella Hutton returns with stunning pop ballad ‘Reality’

Emerging artist Bella Hutton made an impressive debut last year with her two singles ‘Shadows’ and ‘Only You’, and now she has returned with the stunning pop ballad ‘Reality’. Offering irresistible melodies, Bella’s powerful voice provides an impassioned performance alongside an acoustic track. Her intimate lyrics are sure to resonate with listeners and have them hooked on Bella’s dreamy sound. 

Speaking of her new single, Bella revealed: “I wrote the chorus of this song sitting in my car crying lol. Then I listened back a week later and thought it actually sounded quite good so I decided to work on it with my producer and through my true emotions it all came together. It’s really based on how I felt at the time, being with someone who really didn’t care about me and it hurt so I wrote a song about it. I felt a realisation that the person I was with really was ‘pushing me down’. I felt lost in myself at the time and the song/video really reflects that.”

Based in the UK, twenty-year-old Bella Hutton made an immediate impact with her arrival in 2020, with her debut ‘Shadows’ featuring on Spotify’s New Pop UK playlist and her second single ‘Only You’ being placed on Wonderland. New release ‘Reality’ and its accompanying music video are set to take Bella to the next level, with 2021 set to be a big year for her.

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