Beth George releases dynamic pop ballad ‘Sour’

Beth George is making a name for herself as a powerful Gen-Z voice with her new track ‘Sour’. Combining her witty, poetic lyricism with moody piano sounds and dynamic pop beats, Beth creates a ballad that is sure to resonate with listeners.

“’Sour’ feels like the first track I’ve written in a long time that feels like ‘home’. It was during lockdown that I had time to myself to delve into my true writing roots with just my piano. It’s  a song reflecting on my childhood, how magical everything was and how adulthood & the real world is a kind of kick in the teeth. I feel like that transition from magic to mayhem slips by you so fast and it’s all taken for granted. I think at the time I decided to record it I was inspired by a lot of the very delicate, almost cyclical ballads like ‘mad world’ and ‘hometown glory’ and wanted to keep the production in a similar realm. It’s the most pure and personal music I’ve made so far and I’m so excited to share it!”

Beth’s skills as a classical pianist come through in the musicality of her work and is set for a promising music career with her fresh and effortless sound.

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