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Blonds returns with the summer anthem ‘Yesterday’

Throughout the last few months, we have enjoyed the fresh and upbeat output of Blonds aka singer and songwriter Luciano Thomas. And just when we thought he couldn’t get any better, he blows away our expectations with this toe-tapping new delight.

From the start, ‘Yesterday’ aims to put a smile on your face. From its heart-warming lyrics to the head-swinging grooves layered throughout, there is something wonderfully infectious about his newest release.

Speaking about the new song, he added, “It came to me in a dream. I was sitting in the open trunk of my car from high school, watching a beautiful sunset at a beach near the university I attended, and I was strumming away on my guitar singing the song. I wrote it down and recorded it the second I woke up because I loved its simplicity and catchiness. To me, the song is about the commodification of nostalgia, or wanting to buy back moments from the past to relive them. In the dream, the song was titled “Coca-Cola Classic” as a reference to when Coca-Cola rebranded their original soda following the disaster of “New Coke” as a real life example of purchasable nostalgia. Ultimately, I felt “Yesterday” would be a better, less esoteric title.”

He may have only just started his journey, but it is painfully clear that we will be hearing a lot more from Blonds in the years to come.

Check out ‘Yesterday’ below.