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Bringing us brand new music to get us over that mid-week slump; today, Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and producer, BLÜ EYES, is back with her latest in a series of fantastic releases this year with her brand new single – Just LifeStamping her mark on the music scene, and highlighting herself as an artist to watch; BLÜ EYES has been honing her craft, and amassing an impressive discography over the last few years, with a range of stunning singles and DJ collaborations. Now having racked up millions of streams across all platforms, the pop artists is well establishing her place within the industry. 

And this year, we see BLÜ EYES truly come into her own as an artist, progressing and moving to self-producing her own music. Releasing a series of self-produced singles over the past year, these all come together as a part of her highly anticipated debut album which is set for release next year. With these new singles not only reflecting who she is as a vocalist and artist; her music has a way of captivating and enchanting listeners, with her irresistible melodies and intimate, candid lyricism. And her latest single Just Life is no exception. 

With a stunning, etherial piano-led instrumental beginning the track, we are immersed in a world of gentle pop-beats and exquisite vocals. Co-written with Jonny Shorr and Haley Joelle, the song tells a story of fights between friends that feel like actual breakups. And with the raw and honest vocals, that capture your attention from the start; you can hear the deep emotion of the painful subject matter reflected in the gentle notes, as the narrative is told through a mass of captivating lyrics. Talking about the song, BLÜ EYES explains “I quite literally cried in several bathroom stalls while listening to that demo on my phone, speaker pressed up against my ear, trying to reassure myself that I was going to get through it”.

A truly captivating and moving release, with a soundscape filled with soft percussive beats and ambient string melodies; there is a beauty and emotion to the song that will certainly tug at the heart strings. So definitely make sure to give the new single a listen; and to follow BLÜ EYES’ journey, find her on her socials:


Photo Cred @ Brittany Berggren

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