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His latest release in a series of spectacular singles; earlier this month Pop R&B artist KUMA released his newest song, That SomethingSelf-taught singer, songwriter, producer and engineer, the Long Island native delivers a unique and idiosyncratic sound that can be described as Trap-infused ethereal Pop R&B. Blending together delicate soundscapes with emotional vocal melodies, his music draws upon universal themes of past relationships and life experiences; exploring these vulnerable and intimate topics through heartfelt and introspective lyricism. Having left a medical path to pursue a career within music, after having suffered a near-death accident, he has since released a handful of solo singles that has gained him rapid success as a singer and songwriter. So far, his musical success has seen him work with the likes of The Chainsmokers and Mac Miller in various capacities as a DJ, engineer and producer; with this showcasing his diverse and skilled artistry. 

The most recent display of this comes with his latest release That Something. Returning with another heartfelt track, KUMA brings to life a stunning soundscape of gentle trap-infused R&B beats. Beginning the track is a gentle finger-plucked guitar instrumental accompanied by the introduction of subtle and airy vocal melodies. As the dynamic soundscape develops, it transforms to include a vibrant blend of heavy basslines, lo-fi trap rhythms and delicate synths. Accompanying the captivating instrumentation are KUMA’s stunning vocals that are undoubtedly a stand out feature on the song. With a soft and poignant delivery, his restful tonal cadences and rhythms weave across the sonic landscape; adding texture and emotion to the undulating melody.

That Something is a record that encourages you to take a moment to sit back and reflect on the reasons behind a failed relationship. Speaking about a difficult realization, KUMA shared “I wrote this song when I realized that it may not be a specific issue that led to the break-up, but a myriad of reasons. While I didn’t know what exactly it is, I knew it was lacking that special something that is necessary to make a relationship work”. Characterized by a simple guitar riff layered with KUMA’s signature heavy-bass and percussive elements, That Something’s sparse instrumental turns out to be the perfect accompanist to KUMA’s introspective lyrics and unique vocal performance.

Certainly an emerging artist to watch; to keep up with KUMA and his rising musical journey, find him on all his socials:


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