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Broken Chanter shares his indie banger ‘Dancing Skeletons’

Uplifting and authentic with a killer chorus, Broken Chanter’s singer-songwriter sensibilities reach new heights with a powerful full band sound that elevates his folk-esque vocals and heart-wrenching melodies. Despite being written in lockdown, ‘Dancing Skeletons’ is anything but claustrophobic, it’s a freeing insight into Broken Chanter’s candid perspective of the calamity of modern society.

Discussing the new single and his upcoming album, Broken Chanter shares: “I didn’t want to have an album that spent it’s entire running time reflecting on the past year and a half. Folk need a lift. They don’t need to relive the pandemic, and the associated trauma, right now. It’s impossible to avoid completely, but it’s not ten songs about cutting about the house – despite being written almost entirely in a box room/glorified cupboard in my flat.”

Listen here.

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