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Buppy. – ‘Violence’

Los Angeles-based artist Buppy. begins the year on a high note with the release of his brand new single Violence. 

Following a series of incredible releases last year, rising artist Buppy. kicked off the new year with the release of his brand new single Violence. And last Friday, he followed up the track with some stunning new visuals to accompany the song. At only seventeen years old, Buppy. uses his music as a platform to empower fellow teenagers, and reflect on his personal experiences, through his unique brand of artistry that fuses together elements of Alt-R&B, Indie-Pop and Hip-Hop. And with an addictive and captivating energy; Violence makes a perfect addition to his rapidly expanding discography.

With a slick and stylish beat running throughout, courtesy of the talented BIOA, driving the track along; soft electronic textures weave their way throughout the sonic landscape, alongside a gentle piano melody and rhythmic percussive beats. Alongside the gentle and unobtrusive instrumental, Buppy.’s vocals float atop the catchy hooks and melodic rhythms, placed at the forefront of the track; a stand-out feature of the immersive soundscape. Co-written with his sister Eleanor Kingston, the track tells the story of the breakdown of a toxic relationship through skilled and relatable lyricism; showcasing another element of Buppy.’s artistic talent. 

Talking about the track, and the meaning behind the song, Buppy. explains “’Violence’ is a reflection of ‘when love turns violent’. The mental manipulation and emotional trauma that cloud your perception of what it means to love as a teenager”. 

Accompanied by some brand new visuals, the music video was directed by Buppy.’s  frequent collaborator Anthony Palmer; cutting between scenic, cinematic views and cool studio lights, feauring Buppy. alongside his co-star Lucy Drake. Perfectly illustrating the music, and the theme and message behind the track, the video tells the story through wonderfully abstract situations that bring the song to life. 

With more on the horizon, Buppy. is certainly an exciting rising artist to watch. So make sure to keep up with him on all his socials for his latest news and releases. 


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