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With indie-pop vibes, reminiscent of the ‘60s – with a modern and sophisticated edge – the incredible singer Cat Janice is back with her first release of the year; her brand new single, Luxury. Released last month, Luxury is the perfect summer track; filled with up-tempo, groovy beats, and a catchy, fun melody. 

“That moment you look around at your best friends and smile, that moment you catch your lover’s eye and everything fades away, the moment the bliss takes over and you’re completely content…that is Luxury.” 

Taking influence from artists including Portugal, The Man, Alice Merton and Lana Del Rey; Cat brings us high energy tracks that feature snappy beats, thumping bass lines, and soaring vocals. And Luxury is certainly no exception. 

In addition to single, Cat also released some stunning sun-soaked, retro visuals that are the absolute embodiment of summer, to accompany the track. The perfect addition to the retro, summer anthem; the music video is pink filtered fun, featuring some incredible throwback inspired outfits and kaleidoscopic visuals.

So definitely make sure to check out Cat Janice and her brand new single. And to keep up with the incredible singer, her journey, and all her latest releases; head over to her socials, down below. 

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