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Dana Karic releases new album ‘Love Phases’ with lead single ‘My Love’

Serbian singer/songwriter Dana Karic is no stranger to writing, recording and performing music, she’s been doing it all her life. Finding her footing as one half of sister Pop duo D’n’D, she’s already had a musical career that has won her multiple accolades over her musical career spanning twenty years. Her new album ‘Love Phases’ …

Music New Music Releases Releases & Reviews

Fleeting Persuasion releases infectious, new single ‘Night Arrives’

Fleeting Persuasion is a lockdown project from James Spencer Harrison that tugs at the heartstrings. ‘Night Arrives’ is bathed in reverb, creating a wall of noise that is divine in it’s own right. Whist his vocal is tinged with emotion, the melodies from the instruments and his vocals fluctuate and intertwine with each other. ‘Night …