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Indigobee – ‘Not The Girl You Think I Am’

“Slip away, slip away” Making her emergence onto the music scene; today, brand new artist Indigobee delivers her debut single Not The Girl You Think I Am and introduces us to her sound and artistry. Classically trained as a child, Indigobee was and remains an incredible and talented multi-instrumentalist, growing up on a wealth of classical music, …

Music New Music Releases Releases & Reviews Singles

Varley – ‘Push Pull’

“I don’t need your push, push and pull” Back with their second release of the year and following on from their previous track Bubble Up; today, three-piece Berlin based band Varley released their brand new single Push Pull. Comprised of Dublin-born Claire-Ann and German band mates Joschka Bender and Matthias Heising; the trio emerged onto the music scene in 2018 …

Music New Music Releases Releases & Reviews Singles

Alt Bloom – ‘I Believe’

“I believe the impossible is possible together” Back with another incredible release; yesterday, dazzling alt-pop artist Alt Bloom delivered his vibrant and poignant new single I Believe that he released in collaboration with National Geographic and the Launch of their Planet Possible Initiative which is aimed at empowering and inspiring people to tread more lightly on the planet. …