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Today we are back with another podcast review. Primarily known for her incredible YouTube channel; today it is all about content creator, influencer, self-proclaimed entrepreneur, and all-round boss woman Patricia Bright. However, taking a side step away from her fabulous YouTube channel (all about beauty, fashion, mum-life and entrepreneurship), which most of you are probably more familiar with; we’re focusing instead on her podcast series which kicked off last year, the Caught off Guard podcast. Hosted by Patricia, alongside some incredible guests; the podcast delves into everything, from relationships, failures, money, success and more. And despite the podcast being on a hiatus for a while, it is most definitely still worth the listen. 

With guests including supermodel Leomie Anderson, to Patricia’s sister Maureen; the weekly podcast spills all the tea and gets real and honest about issues, while providing some great takeaways, and some practical, honest advice for everyday life. Dealing with topics surrounding race, gender, music, fashion and more; the podcast is enjoyable, entertaining and highly relatable. Infused with Patricia’s infectious and loveable energy, this is an infotainment podcast that will make you laugh, but also make you think!

So give the podcast a listen on Spotify hereAnd to keep up with all things Patricia; head over to her YouTube channel here for more great content, and keep up to date with her over on her social medias @PatriciaBright @PattyOLovesU & @thebreaksocial. And fingers crossed we’ll get more episodes of the podcast soon!

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