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Cellz and Fatbabs release new single ‘When I’m Back’

Hailing from Munich, Cellz conveys his love for community by collaborating with a wide range of artists on a global scale to bring his passion for Soul, R&B, Hip-hop and Jazz to his fanbase. Publications and radio stations have backed him across his career.

Fatbabs is a renowned beatmaker who has been in the game for over a decade, he is now focusing on his solo project, after a career of acclaimed collaborations.

Their new single ‘When I’m Back’ the track starts off simple, but builds into a flowing blend of piano, drums and horns. Cellz’ vocals are immersive and heartwarming, while his saxophone parts speak to his talent of the instrument, creating seamless counter melodies that captivate the listener. It’s an elegant and warm track that will speak to those who can relate and those who can’t with equal amounts of sensitivity.

Cellz shares, “When I’m Back has come a long way, you know. Honestly, the vocal arrangement and lyrics were written in a flash, but we saw massive potential in this track. So, we decided to take our time, pour in all our love and dedication, to make it as huge as possible. I absolutely enjoyed the journey and I’m really looking forward to working on more music with Fatbabs and his team!”

The track also comes with a glowing music video, playing into the thoughtful lyricism. Sunny visuals fit wonderfully alongside the upbeat and summery sensibilities of the track. It’s a gorgeous video to pair with a gorgeous track.

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