Charity Children tackle selfish love in their new single ‘My Alchemy’.

Berlin-based, New Zealand-raised duo Charity Children have something about them that not many of their contemporaries can say- the musical duo are former lovers. 

Their lyrics in ‘My Alchemy’ reflect the addictive and compulsive nature of love, a catharsis of sorts for the time they shared together and the music that is being made as a result. Built around a solid bass hook, Charity Children share lead vocals over hazy guitar sounds and keys, creating an eclectic pop sound on their new album that in the words of the duo themselves, is ‘unashamedly exaggerated on one track, then delicate and precise the next’.

Utilising the resources of the studio, Charity Children are unashamedly taking their sound into a new direction with pleasant surprises at every twist and turn and unstifled creativity.
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