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Charlotte OC – ‘Inevitable’

“Today I wear the saddest eyes I’ve seen”

Returning with her first release of the year last month, with her double single Bad Bitch and Forest­ – showcasing and introducing us to the first taste of material from her upcoming sophomore album, Here Comes Trouble – singer-songwriter Charlotte OC continues to bring us along on her artistic journey, and evolution into a more alt-pop realm, as last week she debuted her latest offering – her brand new single Inevitablethe third release taken from her forthcoming LP, set for release this October. As she continues to hone her craft and place her stamp on the music scene, we are no doubt in for a year of incredible music from the talented artist as we see her go from strength to strength and explore her sound and artistry to deliver something captivating and poignant. 

A sentimental and emotive acoustic alt-pop ballad, Inevitable brings us deep into Charlotte’s sonic world as she delivers a mesmerizing and heart-felt track that is undoubtedly the hardest song she has ever had to write. Dedicated to Charlotte’s late father who sadly lost his battle with cancer last month; the song envelops you in its beauty, significance and candour as she gives us a glimpse into her raw and vulnerable moments as she tries to mend the shattered pieces of her heart and is forced to face her inner demons. With a minimalistic indie-acoustic guitar instrumental that runs throughout, this acts as a perfect backdrop for Charlotte’s gentle and skilled vocals that deliver a moving and soulful performance that make for the focal feature of the track.

“This was the hardest song I’ve ever had to write. I wrote this song about my Dad when I found out he had cancer last year. This song is about the realisation that no matter how much you don’t want it – losing someone is Inevitable and happens to all of us.”

A truly beautiful tribute and fantastic new release, Inevitable is an absolute must listen. With more fantastic new music to follow, make sure to keep up with Charlotte on all her socials for her latest news and releases. 


Photo Cred: @Jamie Noise

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