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Chloe Star gives it everything on debut EP ‘the bed i lie in’

Photo by Shannon Williams

With a wave of committed fans and supportive tastemakers lauding her, Chloe Star has shown through her single releases that she is a force to be reckoned with, recently teasing a debut EP to cement her position. Spending her childhood in and around Los Angeles, Chloe started songwriting to express the chaos of her emotions, something that has now become a core part of her identity and is steadily forming the direction for her career. Playing piano, guitar, writing and singing, her raw sound is the mark of a true musician.

Chloe Star’s debut EP ‘the bed i lie in’, almost sets out to look like a soft singer-songwriter project. The lowercase titles and reflective cover image lull newcomers to Chloe’s music into a false sense of security. As the first riffs of ‘hollywood kills’ emerge, however, expectations are quickly subverted, with Chloe’s aggressive vocal performances immediately diving into difficult topics with an unfiltered attitude roaring into the first chorus with an immediate stadium-filling performance.

As we continue ‘after thought’ and ‘before i met your mother’, echo a bit more of Chloe’s pop elements, with infectious melodies and soaring singalongs at the root of the songwriting, making these tracks particularly catchy within the project. ‘said what i said on the internet’, returns to the heavy rock atmosphere, with smooth distortions ripping out into the soundscape, powered by intricate drum lines and powerful vocals. ‘wasted youth’, finds an impressive balance between the two sides of Chloe Star, infinitely huge, but it leaves an imprint on your brain that will leave a memory long after the last note.

“Loneliness, heartbreak, overcoming addiction, and just life, is the bed i lie in,” Chloe shares on the EP, “This is my most authentic piece of work that I have ever written. Being able to put my heart and soul into this project has been so healing for me on so many levels. I am officially walking in my truth and can now shut the door on the bed i lie in.”