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Ciara Vizzard delivers her latest release ‘Victory’.

Ciara Vizzard gets you all in your feelings with her latest single Victory.

Enchanting listeners with her unique brand of melodic pop/soul artistry; singer-songwriter Ciara Vizzard has followed up her earlier single Price with her brand new track Victoryreleased last monthBorn and raised in America to Irish American parents, her upbringing saw her move around Europe, from Paris to Belfast and London; with this influencing her idiosyncratic sonic style that has her transcend cultural barriers and divides. Drawing inspiration from an eclectic range of artists, from Nat King Cole to the Spice Girls to H.E.R; Ciara’s music delves into narratives about human relationships and human nature. 

The latest example of her stunning and universal artistry; Victory showcases her celestial and captivating vocals alongside candid and relatable storytelling and lyricism, instilling a sense of hope and positivity after a difficult and unexpected year. Adding an elegant folk vibe to her sonic style with Victory, the glimmering soundscape is filled with pulsating beats, emotive guitar instrumental and rhythmic percussive beats. Above the truly beautiful musical composition are Ciara’s bold and passionate vocals. With poignant harmonies and delicate cadences, Ciara draws you further into the softly emotional sonic world of the song. 

“Victory was written after quite a few unexpected tough life moments for me. It is me essentially saying that you can try to bring me to my knees but I am going to get back up because I will always have the victory. I guess you could say it is a fight song, to remind oneself to keep going especially when life gets tough and is a seemingly never-ending series of bumps in the road.”

Having already garnered an impressive 38k Spotify streams on her previous single Price, she is certainly solidifying her place as a rising artist to watch; gaining an increasing amount of attention and critical acclaim. With a notable artistic growth and development in her sound and style over the last few years; Ciara is continuing to perfect and hone her craft. And she is certainly one to keep an eye on as we go into 2021, as she continues on her steady upward trajectory. 


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