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Cole Bradley – ‘Party Don’t Start’

‘Cause the party don’t start till we show up’

Delivering more irresistible country vibes, singer-songwriter Cole Bradley has followed up his earlier 2021 release, Since College, with his latest new single – Party Don’t StartA vibrant and feel-good anthem, Party Don’t Start was written with Anthony Billups during their first-ever writing session and is the perfect addition to Cole’s ever growing discography. Continuing to showcase his talent and skill, Cole is ending the year on a high and is set for another incredible year as we head into 2022. 

“After the year we’ve had, we could all use an escape whether it’s a night out with friends or a little vacation with a new party song. As an artist, my goal since day one is for someone to hear a song, bring back a special memory, and maybe help them take a break from reality. This song is a party anthem, and the goal is that the listener can kick-back, have a drink or two while letting the up-tempo groove and crazy lyrics put them in a good mood.”

Filled with high energy and good vibes, the track has a bold and anthemic atmosphere that is perfect for a weekend or party playlist. With his unique vocals and his edgy country sound, the track is filled with Cole’s distinctive vibe, and the song delivers a dazzling soundscape filled with rich guitar lines and addictive beats. And with some brand new visuals accompanying the track, Cole also enlisted NHL players Jake Bean (Columbus Blue Jackets), Cale Fleury (Seattle Kraken), and Max Crozier (Tampa Bay Lightning) to participate in the making of the video.

With an effortlessly cool energy, the brand new music video depicts a classic college house party scene with everyone vibing out to the music and having fun; perfectly showcasing the fun and up-beat atmosphere we get in the track. Filmed over 11 hours, the video sees Cole once again team up director and videographer Oliver Banyard to bring the party to life – despite the poor weather conditions during filming. 

“Party Don’t Start” is an anthem for anyone that loves to bring the energy whenever they decide to “throw down” on the weekend”, says Bradley. “This single is a good representation of one of our live shows. Like our liveshow, the track has a whole lot of energy, positivity and is incredibly rowdy. I hope you enjoy his track as much as I do and that it makes you FEEL GOOD whenever you hear it”.

Another fantastic hit from Cole; he should definitely be on your radar as one to watch. To keep up with the talented artist and all he has in store for us, you can find him on all his socials – @playitCole

Photo cred: @Lee Watkins

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