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Cole Bradley – ‘Since College’

“I wonder if I’ll ever love like that again”

After an incredible year last year; today, rising country artist Cole Bradley is back with a brand new release and his first track of the year as he delivers his new single, Since CollegeFollowing on from his previous single, Jean Jacket; Since College is the latest in Cole’s ever expanding discography and the next step in his developing sound and artistry. Hailing from Canada, now Nashville-based, Cole has been rapidly making a name for himself on the North American music scene; creating dazzling and infectious music that seamlessly blends together his unique vocals and edgy country sound to create something fresh, modern and unforgettable. Stepping into a new chapter of his musical journey and with new music on the horizon, Cole is no doubt set to end the year on a high.

Opening with a rhythmic percussive beat and vibrant guitar line, Cole brings us into a warm and captivating soundscape filled with his signature, infectious country-led stylings that are complete with melodic instrumentals and emotive hooks. Immersing us in a vibrant sonic landscape; placed above the laid-back composition, Cole’s warm and skilled vocals emerge onto the scene and steal the show as the stand out feature of the track as he delivers an impassioned and enchanting performance. In addition to the stunning melody, Cole also showcases his universal and relatable lyricism as the narrative tells a story all about young love and essentially that first experience of romantic love, the feelings it conjures and how special it is.

Talking about Since College, Cole explains:

“I remember being an eighteen-year-old college kid when I first fell in love, but I was too young and naïve to truly understand how special that love was. Looking back now as the song says “I wonder if I’ll ever love like that again”. This song is about being young and thinking “forever” but inevitably it doesn’t work out the way it’s supposed to”.

Another incredible release from the talented artist, we can’t wait to see what he comes out with next. So to keep up with Cole’s ever rising journey and fantastic releases, make sure to find him on all his socials – @playitCole

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