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Couple Things Podcast

You may be more familiar with Andrew East and Shawn Johnson from their respective athletic careers as an NFL player and olympic gymnast; and maybe more recently, from their Youtube channel, The East Family. However late last year, after much anticipation and following the birth of their daughter; Shawn and Andrew launched their latest venture – their new podcast, Couple Things

Focusing on their relationship, Couple Things sees Shawn and Andrew talk about some of their embarrassing stories, memorable moments; and get honest, raw and have a laugh, while sharing some of their never before told stories. 

Hilarious, endearing and real; Couple Things is the perfect mix of honest realness, discussing all the different aspects of relationships, mixed with light, gentle humour and easy listening. We also see Shawn and Andrew joined by friends and guests which makes for some extra special episodes. So far, we’ve seen them joined by guests including singer Madilyn Bailey, and Carly Waddle and Evan Bass from the Bachelor. 

Highly relatable and entertaining, this is a definite ‘must listen’ if you’re looking for some gentle entertainment, mixed with some deeper and honest topics; and it will definitely keep you entertained while in lockdown! And an extra bonus; if audio podcasts aren’t your thing, or you’re after something to watch, the Couple Things podcast is also recorded and posted on its own YouTube channel for you to watch there too! So go and keep up with Shawn and Andrew on social media, give Couple Things a listen, and don’t forget to also check out their YouTube channel – The East Family – for more weekly videos! 

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